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We value willingness and commitment of our families to put in personal effort to enrich the lives of their children, themselves and those around them. We are helping families to help themselves.

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Friends of Autism is ultimately controlled by a Board of 5 members who meet regularly to oversee all activities. All Board Members are volunteers and come from a diverse back group in religion, business and autism.

The daily management is done by Deanne Marlow on a volunteer basis. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Commercial Law, is a qualified Stockbroker and also has a Diploma of Professional Counselling in Child Development and Marital Counselling.

The Fundraising Committee consists of 15 dedicated volunteers who co-ordinate all fundraising activities throughout the year. As a privately funded charity we are unable to operate without the kind support of others and this committee works tirelessly throughout the year to ensure funds are available.

We have administration support and 4 part time Autism Therapists as well as independent Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists available on site.

Our team has business coaching support from Clicking You who have kindly donated their services.

Management documents available:

  • Full policy and procedures manual for all roles and tasks throughout the organisation
  • Strategic Plan and Quality Assurance Systems which were facilitated by Under New Management Consultancy Services


Marlow Family funded research and development using their Private Therapist for 8 months Develop home therapy packs parents could use to supplement other services and increase children's skills – with full parent training.


Became registered charity with TDGR status Formed Board and all constitutional documentation Home based toy library helping around 10 families Moved to 50sqm in Heathridge with one full time Therapist – premises donated for 6 months Grants from: $20,000 WA Charities.


Continued all services Delivered parent training of 6 series seminar to over 50 carers Increased family client base to over 60 Largest information library in Australia Grants from: $30,000 WA Charities $12,000 Coaching Australia.


Moved to Tuart Hill in 150sqm premises Continued all services and added home visits and behavioural plans and admin staff and funding co-ordinator Client base now over 120 families Providing early intervention to families – 2 Therapists. Grant from Lotterywest $38,000.


Took on second premises Started school aged program Grant from Ian Potter Foundation $20,000 Grant from Myer Foundation $5,000. Client base now over 200 families.


We had a very dramatic start to the year with both our premises being completely destroyed by the hail storms in March. It was not until June that we were able to get back on track and have premises again. We were able to do this with the amazing support from the team at HBF and the generous donations of Office Works and Fabcar.

Even with through all of this we have been able to begin the following programs:

  • Playgroup
  • Homework Helpers (with the kind support of Perpetual Trustees and St George Foundation)
  • Counselling services for parents, carers and adults on the spectrum (with the kind support of WA Charity Direct)
  • Expanded our school holiday programs (with the kind support of St George Foundation and WA Charity Direct)
  • Launch our new website (with the amazing donation and patience of Interweb)

Thank you to all our Staff, Families and Supporters who have been so patience and generous with their time, money and donations during this year.


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