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We value willingness and commitment of our families to put in personal effort to enrich the lives of their children, themselves and those around them. We are helping families to help themselves.

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Have you ever wondered how or why you got to where you are today?

If you are reading this you must be affected by Autism is some way. Maybe you are a parent or grandparent or even a friend looking to support someone else or just looking for more information about Autism. No matter how you came to read this I'd like to share with you some things about my life that I hope will help you in your journey.

My life journey has been amazing and very unexpected so far. I am 40 years old, am a devoted Mum to three children with Autism (two also have epilepsy and other medical issues) and my husband also has Asperger's – most people would see this as more than enough to cope with – but not me. We have two of our own business, in real estate and training for which I run the legal, administration and finance side and of course I run Friends of Autism. My day normally starts at about 3am and doesn't finish until at least 9.30pm (that's 7 days a week). I'm a busy women who enjoys everything she does and believe that we should be looking at ways to learn every day.

I started Friends of Autism in 2005 – I did this because I thought "If you can't beat them – join them". I first envisaged a small charity that would pass on information and provide resources to families so they could see the joy in Autism and help themselves through arming themselves with information. Well yet another unexpected thing happened – it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Today running Friends of Autism is a full time job, we have a number of people working in the Charity, operate from two premises and have countless volunteers who donate their time, money and services to keep us going. We are a holistic, family centred service that respects the children and their individuality as well as understanding the stresses and unique needs that Autism brings to every family affected.

The term "Dee Day" was something that developed from my Mother's friends. Every time they see her they will ask about me and how my family is going (a blessing in itself). After many tales of what has happened to me over the last 10 years – pretty much just one thing after another, with things coming at me from every angle with seemingly endless relentlessness – and every time me adjusting my life to deal with whatever comes – they have come to accept that there is always something new in my life and that, no matter what, I cope with it. So whenever my Mum's friends have a day when they feel everything is coming thick and fast they simply say "I'm having a Dee Day" and everyone just nods their heads.

Well personally I love Dee Days (well maybe not every day) but as a person all of these things have changed me – I think for the better – no I know for the better. I appreciate the little things in life, have learned to think and operate outside the box and recognise that joy and happiness can be found in the most unexpected ways.

I'd like to invite you to follow me in my journey. Dee Days doesn't have a particular format – it will be anything and everything in my life (past, present and musings on the future) but hopefully something will help someone along the way. So why not check in every now and then and read what is happening.



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