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We value willingness and commitment of our families to put in personal effort to enrich the lives of their children, themselves and those around them. We are helping families to help themselves.

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We have a large library of books and DVD's for parents, children and professionals. You might also like to read "Dee Days" or look at our useful links section for web-site we have found helpful.

Toy Library

It can be very expensive to keep your child stimulated and keep up with their latest obsession. We have a wide variety of toys available to assist in reducing your costs in this area. Come in and have a look.


We have information and contact with a number of respite agencies and can link you with those appropriate to your circumstances.

Home Therapy Packs

Research has shown that a child on the spectrum needs between 20-40 hours of therapy every week. The funding available does not cover this amount and can be too expensive for most families. Our motto is "helping families to help themselves" and we believe that Autism is a 24/7 job and small changes at home can make a big impact on behaviour, skills and home life for everyone. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced home therapy packs so you can dramatically increase the number of hours of therapy your child receives by you doing this yourself.

Visual Aides

We have a wide range of visual aides that can help in the home or at school. We have stock items as well as the ability to customise to your requirements. Visual resources include:

  • Pictures request books
  • Schedules
  • Social Stories

Contact us for prices and to discuss your needs.

Support Meetings

We have regular coffee mornings for family support. We often have adult people on the Spectrum you can speak with or guest speakers at these events. Children are welcome.

There is a special fathers group – call us for the next meeting (usually at the pub).

We are looking to develop adult support groups for those on the Spectrum – please call us to register your interest. If there is not a group available we may be able to link you with someone else with whom you may have things in common.



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